材料学院学术报告二十六:Advanced Polymeric Materials From and For Greene

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报告主题:Advanced Polymeric Materials From and For Greener Processes





Professor Lixin Xue received his PhD degree in 1996 from Clemson University and had been project and program leaders for several major US companies, including AlliedSignal (Honeywell) Inc, PhilipMorris USA (Altria Corporataion), and Celanese Corporation, in the development of new technologies and new products. He has led the development of the core technologies for world-renowned branded products, involving indoor air quality control, waste water treatment, green energy production and storage, engine oil life extension, automotive filter development, flagrant control release, biodegradable material processing, fiber spinning process optimization, shaped fiber design and applications, and super-critical fluid assist polymer processing, supporting the sales of FRAM(R) filters, Marlboro(R)  consumer products and Celanese Advantage(R) Tow.  He is named inventors for 270+ published patents (including 58 issued US/ PCT patents, and 130+ issued Chinese patients;) and authors for 90+ papers published in the top international Journals, keynote speaker chairing and co-chairing 80+ international conferences. Served as reviewers and named to editorial boards for over 10 international journals, he is also serving as board directors for industrial and academic organizations, providing technical and policy suggestions for government agencies and variety of industries, promoting transfer and transformation of technologies. He is winner of various prizes including Hong Kong Yilida Experimental Science Award (1986),  Philip Morris Awards for Outstanding Technical Contribution (2003 and 2006),  First Prize of Science and Technology Advancement of Chinese Association for Membrane Industry (2018), Outstanding Reviewer Award fromJ. of Mem. Sci.(2018), Gold Invention Award for Ningbo City (2018), and Excellent Invention Award of Chinese Patent and Trade Office (2019).




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